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1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working

1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working

1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working   1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working
Addams Family Gold Limited Edition Pinball Machine 1994 Rare Excellent Condition. Your Rare chance to own a Genuine Addams Family Gold Collectors Edition Pinball Machine. Won't be at this price for too long! Sorry about the text below, whatever I do I can't get the system to remember the corrections. This Listing is for Addams Family Gold Limited edition pinball machine Number 0115 out of only 1000 ever made. This machine comes with a German (DM) coin door.

Machine comes complete withSpecial Collectors Edition Gold Manual, WPC Gold Schematic manual and Goldf ramed collectors edition certificate, signed by 7 of the 8 members of the design team, the certificates were only signed by the designers working on that particular day of manufacture. This is why each certificate has different signatures missing and is quiteunique, on the day this machine was produced Chris Granner the Sound/Music engineer was not working, so his signature is missing from the certificate. I also have a WPC SchematicManual form the regular Addams Family machines, from January 1992, so I could note the difference in the wiring diagrams and other details. One of the annoying things about this machine was during gameplay, the glare from the dot matrix interfered with the visibility, at the top of the machine and partially spoiled the enjoyment, on this machine this has been eliminated completely, by the introduction of a very special Optical glass. The glass on this machine has been upgraded to PDI Optical non glare glass.

An optically coated product made in Germany to the highest possible standards. Optically coated on both sides with an extremely durable non glare coating that reduces 99% of all glare, the glass is tempered and 5mm thickexact pinball machine glass specifications. This is the same glass they use to make reading glasses and high end HD televisions. There are many cheep modifications available on the market to rectify this design fault, but none are better than this option, which totally eliminates the glare, almost as if the glass was not there. It needs to be experienced to be believed.

Making this machine unique, as far as playabilty and ultimate pleasure is concerned. Playfield is absolutely spotless, bright, bold colours. All of the flippers are strong and in good working order, all light bulbsworking. Rubber protectors on the legs to protect your floor, fitted. This machine is inexcellent condition and full working order, brilliant considering it is wellover 20 years old now.

It has been loved and treated with respect and used onthe odd weekend, but essentially kept in a heated environment. Only a few markson this machine: coin door has 2 small bolt holes from a lockdown bar, someslight damage to the top back box in the back right hand corner asphotographed.

A couple of small/bumps to the gold side bars, due to storage or movingof machine over the years. Gold legs are in great condition, Someslight markings to the cabinet that have been touched up over the years, nothing unsightly or major to consider, Other than that it looks great, reallynice looking machine. Oh yeah and that questionabout the dot matrix, it is all working fine.

The plastics are OK and so is thetopper. No faults occur whenrunning the self test diagnostics, which can be repeated for peace of mind, when you see the machine.

All lamps are working fine. Some additions to themachine which are removeable and did not require any modification to theoriginal parts, (no holes drilled to ruin the machine) metal telephone, safe& train installed at the top end of the machine, illuminated Uncle festerin the chair, Bear on the top ramp, Green illuminated grave yard kick out ramp, and premium sound sytem upgrade, including high end adjustable sub woofer andupgraded backbox speakers for your enjoyment and LED lamps available to beinstalled throughout, although I like the glow of the original lamps installedat the moment. With the legs removed andbackbox folded down ready for transport, this will fit in a people mover like aMercedes ML270 or a small van. Made by Bally/MidawayManufacturing Company, 3401 N.

Idare say that there are only a handful of these special Gold edition machinesin the UK and most people will not sell their machine at any price. Theirvalues are expected to continue rising, as the machines are no longer made andthe number of playable survivors dwindles rapidly, due to neglect, poor storageconditions, house fires etc.

We asked Pat Lawlor, if any playfields from the original 1992 run were used for this Special Edition. It's POSSIBLE that there were a few old. What many people will find unbelievable is that, at the end of the regular run of Addams Family, the remaining playfields that were not designated for parts sales were destroyed.

Crushed in a large compactor. I personally saw racks of playfields go to the crusher. That's because Williams never ran second releases later. And that inventory would have had to have been stored somewhere in the building. It was more cost effective to write down the inventory than keep it. When the decision was made to do the Gold Run of 1000 games, new playfields were ordered and used. My game has a playfield made by Lenc-Smith[Manufacturing Company] in March of the build year.

Impossible for the regular run! Now maybe a game was repaired with an old playfield from parts sales, but I do not believe that you could make a case that the entire run of Golds was old playfields. (My game proves that is incorrect). Also the machines (apart from numbers 1 & 2 these were designated for Pat Lawlor & Larry DeMar, original the designers) were sent out for sale in the order they were built, with European games always done ahead of the US games, (mine being number 0115)this is why most of the low numbers went to Europe.

Pat Lawlor's original instruction to the production team was, to put the plates on the machines in a random order, this was never done. The "ThingFlipper" is computer controlled flipper, depending on the angle the machine legs are set at and the level of the machine the computer eventually learns how to make this tricky shot with High accuracy, much more accurately than any player input. The original Addams Family pinball machines were originally released for sale on 3rd January 1992.

I reserve the right to cancel this item at any time, reason for sale, space required. You are welcome to view and play this machine with prior arrangement. 07787 808908 before any contact, text first please.

Pleaseensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intendedlocation. Willdefinitely need two strong people to move this around. Please note this item iscollection only!

Manufactured by Midway (under the Bally name), itis a solid state electronic pinball arcade game. It was based on the 1991movie of the same name, and features custom speech (mostly derived from the motion picture) by the movie's stars, Raul Julia and Anjelica Heston. The machine's game card describes the game objective as being to Explore the strange world of the Addams Family. With that in mind there is no single player goal, though there are two central objectives. The Addams Family mansion is located in the centre of the play field and has 12"windows". Each window corresponds to a different room that the player can enter and receive an award for. In the top-right section of the playfield is a blue bookcase, representing the bookcase that Gomez shows Uncle Fester in the movie. Hits to it award letters in the word "Greed". Once the word is completed, like in the movie, the bookcase turns, revealing a shot to the vault behind the bookcase(it is possible but rare for a ball to go into the vault when the bookcase isin the blocking position). A shot to the vault locks the ball for future multiball use, or starts the multiball when two balls have been previously locked. The bookcase also opens access to the vault at certain other times during the mini games, with varying scores and effects. A ramp in thetop centre of the playfield awards 1 or 2 "bear kicks" (referencingthe scene in the movie with the bear carpet that comes to life), awardingpoints, mansion rooms, and extra balls. A successful "bear kick" shotenables Uncle Fester's light bulb (when not in multiball mode), which indicatesthat a shot into his electric chair gains a mansion room and activates a minigame (after such a shot, the light bulb goes out). A left-sideramp that awards an increasing number of millions, usually 1M-10M, and lettersin the word "THING" (see THING below). A set of 5bumpers (a rare amount on modern machines) that increases the "Graveyardvalue", which is collected from a right-side shot.

A dead-end shotin the top-left section that awards points, assists graveyard scoring, andlights extra balls. 5 targets strewn aroundthe field that award letters in the word "Grave", which whencompleted award an increasing amount of millions. Once the word THING iscompleted (see Staircase Ramp above), a scoop in the top rightcorner awards an increasing multiple of 5 million points. When initiallylaunching the ball, dropping it into Thing's scoop just past the launch rampgives 2 million points the first time, increasing by a million each time up toa maximum of 5 million points each time.

Hitting a skill shot may also gainother benefits if they are active on Thing's scoop e. Extra ball, QuickMultiball, Thing points, locking a ball for multiball. Anumber of simultaneous factors came together to give The Addams Family itsrecord-setting sales figures.

Aroundthe time of the game's release, video arcade games were declining inpopularity, due largely to the technological ascent of home systems. Meanwhile, pinball in the recent years prior had witnessed a strong wave of technologicalinnovation. The dot-matrix display, for example, had just been added to thefirst pinball machine (Data East's Checkpoint) about a year before, and CPU advances allowed machines to perform simultaneous video, audio andgameplay functions more smoothly. TheAddams Family added to this a number of game-specific "toys" thatproved popular with players. A triangle ofunder-playfield electromagnets in the middle of the board that, when duringcertain times in the game, activated in a generally random manner, causing theball to move in unpredictable directions.

Above the topleft flipper was an optical sensor that at certain points in the game let themachine attempt to read the speed of the ball, and taking control of theflipper from the player hit a shot on the opposite side of the field, the firstCPU controlled flipper in pinball history. The game's ability to use missedshots to calibrate future attempts resulted in an automatic flip that wasimpressively accurate.

Thegame also made extensive use of the film it was based upon, arguably the mostof any game at that time. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston both contributed manyre-recordings of quotes from the film, along with a number of extra quotesexclusive to the machine Jackpot! Much of the game's humour was also well-received, such as the mode "HitCousin Itt", where successful hits to the Cousin Itt target resulted indisplay animations of It getting hit with a large pinball, Gomez's (Julia's)response to the player upon tilting, Hee hee hee, you're a funnyguy! And the machine occasionally flipping both of its lower flippers intune to the finger snapping in the Addams Family theme song.

A lesser-knownactivity for players is to attempt activating a hidden function which allowsthe player to hear an audio clip of Nat Perrin telling a short pun. Thisfunction is said to exist only in 100 first-release machines and wassubsequently removed in later CPU revisions. Froma player's perspective the game received positive reviews for its good use ofthe playfield, its audio and video effects, "flow" (the way thegame's shots and objectives lead naturally from one to another) appeal to bothbeginner and expert players, and general replayability. Mansionrooms are awarded from the lit electric chair shot in the centre of the playingfield. Once a mansion room is awarded, the electric chair light goes out untilit is relit by a Bear Kick (some other switches will relight it temporarily). Aplayer can have more than one mansion room scoring mode activatedsimultaneously, something which is often considered good strategy. 6Million , 9 Million : Separate rooms that award that many points. When hitting either the 3 million or 6 million room, both rooms will be lit andconsidered "done".

Advances all five jet bumpers to their maximum value (30,000 added to theGraveyard Value per hit). Adds 250,000for every switch the player hits to his end-of-ball-bonus. Adds 200,000for every switch the player hits to his end-of-ball bonus at start. The morethe player hits the Cousin Itt target, the higher the per-switch award goes.

Lights "Quick Multiball, " allowing the player to start a two-ballmultiball in which the vault opens, and shots into it score an increasingaward. Awards the player 5, 10, and 15 million points for hitting the swamp, electricchair and vault. Awards the player 5, 10, and 15 million points for each bear kick or staircase shot.

"ThePower" magnets are activated during this mode. A"hurry-up" mode with a point value decreasing from 15 million to 3million. If achieved before timing out, the player is awarded a two-ballmultiball where shots to the vault award the "hurry up" score again. For 30 secondseach set of 4 hits to a bumper in the graveyard adds 3 million points to theplayer's end-of-ball bonus.

The round ends early if all five bumpers are hit 4times each. Theextra ball becomes available at Thing's saucer. Ifthe player manages to start all of the above scoring modes (regardless ofwhether or not they complete them), the attic room marked with a? "Awards the game's "wizard mode. Awards the player 50 million points, lights the extra ball, lights the"special" (free game) on the outlanes, maximizes the five jetbumpers, and starts each of the six timed modes automatically, one after theother. After the last mode, the player will not be able to collect any moreMansion Rooms until the start of the next ball; losing the current ball duringTour the Mansion immediately ends it. Theplayer can add letters to the word "GREED" by hitting the bookcase infront of the vault. Spelling "GREED" opens the bookcase, revealing ashot into the vault that can be used to "lock" (hold) balls formultiball; for the first multiball, the swamp can also be used to lock balls. The Power turns on for the player's attempt to lock the third and final ball. Multiball can be started from the vault or, for the first multiball, theelectric chair. Oncemultiball begins the Train Wreck shot lights up for a Jackpot, and theStaircase Ramp for a Double Jackpot or, from the 2nd multiball onward, TripleJackpot.

The Jackpot starts out at 10 million, and increases by one million forevery Bear Kicks shot or shot to a closed vault during the multiball. Uponreceiving either, the vault re-opens, and a successful shot to it re-lightsonly the Staircase Ramp. The player may continue to do this as long as thereare two balls on the playing field. Ifa player does not get any jackpot, a last-chance "Thing Multiball"lights up for 20 seconds.

If the player shoots it in time, he gets to launch asecond ball and continue the multiball per the rules above, except with no morelast chances given. Scoreson The Addams Family tend to have an average in the low 8-digit range. Amongmachines found in public locations, the score necessary to obtain a replay isusually between 35 million and 80 million, with high scores dispersed mostlyamong the full 9-digit spectrum. The world's best players will occasionallyscore in the billions. Withouttilting, the lowest possible score is theoretically 300,000, by shooting eachball through the graveyard without hitting anything and letting it drain (theball will roll over a trigger that gives no points but disables the replay thatis normally given when a ball hits no trigger).

Then each ball is given a bonusof 100,000 for the starting one bear kick. However, getting that score may bedifficult to do, as it is difficult to shoot the ball through the graveyardwithout hitting any of the graveyard bumpers. A score of 750,000 is easilyattainable by launching each ball weakly so that it drops directly into theswamp and then drops down the centre drain, gaining 150,000 points plus 100,000bonus points each.

InOctober 1994, Bally produced a "Special Collectors Edition", oftenreferred to as The Addams Family Gold. In the original run of TheAddams Family a few machines had been produced with golden features tocelebrate the machine's sales record. The Collector's Edition similarlyfeatured specially designed accents such as golden side rails, a golden lockbar, golden legs and a slightly enhanced software program.

Thegame also included a number of gameplay enhancements. New scoring rules wereadded, most notably to the Mansion.

Some rooms randomly awarded players itemsfrom Cousin Itt, such as a hair dryer or brush, with an accompanying number ofpoints. Wednesday and Pugsley also made their first in-gameappearance in the form of a "trap door", that would sometimes let aplayer move from one room to another, awarding them both. Numerous new quotesand dot-matrix effects were also added. Onlyone thousand Collector's Edition units were produced.

TheAddams Family pinball contains two known Easter eggsplus a third egg in theSpecial Collector's Editioneach of which can be accessed using a flipper andStart button code sequence specific to each egg. The results produced arecosmetic in nature only; they do not modify actual game play in any way. Thecodes work only under the following conditions: The machine must be in itsAttract or "game over" mode (no game currently in progress). Theremust also be no credits on the machine.

The Start button cannot be flashing tobegin a new game; consequently, the codes will never work if the machine is setfor free play. Thecodes may also temporarily stop working if they are done too many times in arow. Allowing the Attract mode display screens to cycle all the way through (atleast 1 or 2 minutes) before trying a code again should rectify this.

Theavailable Easter eggs and how to activate them. Thisis a humorous dot-matrix still that appears on the display for about threeseconds. To see it, press the left flipper button 7 times, followed by theStart button once, then the right flipper button 14 times, Start button once, left button 20 times and finally the Start button once.

"When Cows Dig for Gold" (collector's edition only). Press the left button 12 times, thenthe Start button once, right button 5 times, Start once, left 4 times and Startonce.

Nod to the game's designers at Bally. Left button 13times, Start button once, right once, Start once, left 2 times and Start once. The item "1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working" is in sale since Thursday, March 21, 2019.

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  3. Brand: Bally
  4. Theme: Movie
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1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working   1994 Original Gold Addams Family Pinball Machine Fully Working